Fridays Creek Winery is a family business and we the family wish to thank all of our friends, both here and all around for their support.  

Wines to sample current Feb 2, 2024

Check back, we are ramping up production,

and will be releasing new wines.

 White Wines  Red Wines

ChardonelLightly oaked, flinty with hints of grapefruit from our flagship vineyard on the shore of the Patuxent River. Shellfish, stuffed rockfish and of course chicken or salads combine beautifully.Calvert County appellation 2017 vintage

 Rubilee2011 vintage of the Cornell developed red grape Geneva Red, from our flagship Calvert County vineyard. Vibrant ruby red wine with palate of wild cherry, earthy leather and rounded tannin. 
Cayuga White - Varietal wine from our flagship vineyard. Balanced sweetness and crisp acidity; subtle fruit flavors of honeysuckle and tart green apple with a slate like mineral finish. Calvert County appellation, 2020 vintage  Cabernet Franc - The ancient red vinifera transported to our shore on the Patuxent River. Wild cherry and slight green pepper in a full body with an earthy tobacco finish. Calvert Co appellation 2021 vintage.
  All wines on todays sampling menu are made from grapes  grown at our local estate vineyard. Case discounts apply for all bottled wine sales of 12 bottles or more.   Friday AfternoonMaryland Red Wine from hand picked grapes grown in our vineyard. Fruity, sweet and bright aromas, balanced with hints of cocoa and orange. Light tannin, clean finish.
Patio White - Our own blend of white grapes, great for enjoying on the patio; tastes of grape and citrus with a balanced sweet finish. Blush -  Fantastic fruity sweet wine blend straight from our local vineyard. Full ripe flavors of raspberry and melon, with a pleasant orange blossom finish.
Traminette -Vintage MD Wine from our vineyard. Slight sweetness with an aromatic and floral nose. Tasting of apricot and spicy fruit with honey overtones. Calvert Co appellation 2019 vintage  


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